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(Family Secrets)
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Episode 81
Aired on: 2024-02-04
Ilgaz has found the real killer. While a child being guilty puts him between conscience and justice, the new "missing child" file that Ceylin receives will escalate the tensions between Ilgaz and her even further. Moreover, the investigating officer in the case is Ceylin's ex-boyfriend, Fırat. They find themselves in a situation they have never been tested in before. The newly appointed supervisor at the police station, Kubilay, will change the established order of everyone, especially Eren. On the other hand, the new prosecutor assigned to the courthouse, Ertuğrul, brings a wind that is beyond the usual even before he arrives. Despite all the differences between Ceylin and Ilgaz, their relationship is in danger. Their marriage, already walking on a thin line, has been wounded with the growth of their professional conflicts. Now, with the uncertainty of Ceylin's past, the dark clouds that have settled over them make it even more difficult to defeat them and stand side by side again. (thetvdb.com)
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