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Aom Fah Oab Din
(My Romance From Far Away)
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Saimai's Scheme
Aired on: 2022-06-22
Thor-fah feels suspicious about Khun-khao and Saimai. She goes undercover to spy on them. She can't take it anymore and interrupts their so-called date. Khun-khao finds Thor-fah's jealous antics endearing. Saimai finds out the true nature of Khun-khao and Thor-fah's relationship. Saimai goes to see Khun-khao at the cafe. Saimai has an evil plan to trap Khun-khao in order to give a payback to Thor-fah. But her plan doesn't work and Thor-fah confronts her. Saimai pretends that she got hurt because of Thor-fah to get Khun-khao's sympathy. Thor-fah pretends that she's sorry and reconciles with Saimai. In truth, she wants Khun-khao to see Saimai's true self. (thetvdb.com)
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