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Aom Fah Oab Din
(My Romance From Far Away)
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Thor-Fah Fights Back
Aired on: 2022-06-23
Saimai drops her pretense once Khun-khao leaves her alone with Thor-fah. They get into a fight and Khun-khao misunderstands Thor-fah again. Saimai drugs the juice that she gave to Khun-khao and she tricks him into believing that they have slept together. But Khun-khao still doesn't want to be with her. Thor-fah has already set up a camera and that has refuted Saimai's lie. Khun-khao feels apologetic towards Thor-fah. Saimai gets into a fight with Wat and he brings her to his house. She calls Khun-khao for help, but Thor-fah answers the call. Thor-fah decides to go and help Saimai together with Khun-khao. Wat manages to escape from the police. Thor-fah finds out that Wat has been embezzling from her company. Wat kidnaps Tawan and Payu. Wat wants Thor-fah to give him the ransom money herself. (thetvdb.com)
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