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Aom Fah Oab Din
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Aom Fah Oab Din
(My Romance From Far Away)
Channel 3
Drama Mystery Romance
Premiered in 2022 - Status: Ended
Last episode : 1x30 - Aired on 2022-07-06
Khun-khao, a coffee plantation owner in the North, raised his six-year-old nephew, Tawan, since an accident took his parents' lives. Their lives are disrupted when Tawan's aunt – Thor-fah, an astute businesswoman from the big city, initiates a meeting with Khun-khao on the pretext of observing his coffee-making process, but her true motive is to win over her nephew Tawan's trust and take custody of her deceased brother's son at all cost, as she promised to her sick father. They both want custody of Tawan; the solution is marriage but Thor-fah's father objects. He challenges Khun-khao to prove himself by winning Barista Competition before dating his daughter and being a parent to Tawan. Otherwise, the custody battle begins! Khun-khao agrees to enter the contest, while Thor-fah deals with crooked people around her family business. They go through obstacles and fight their way for love. Will they fall into the same tragic end as their siblings?
Thor-fah / Fah:
Suite du casting

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